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What I’m Working On

WOW! Two books are now published. And here I was thinking I’d do well if I published just one. The vault is open now… so watch out!

Camino Wandering and Beneath the Surface are now both out in the world – and getting great reviews. I’m so humbled by the kind, encouraging words I’m receiving. It gives me hope about the world. And, it keeps me writing.

So, what’s next?

A series. Or rather, a connection to one of the books I’ve already written…

The Decisions We Make is now written and with my incredible beta readers. It’s the story of Sam and Brooke, childhood friends with their hearts firmly in Fergus Bay, Tasmania. 

Sam is a survivor. 

But life is not what she imagined it to be. Now a widow and single mother at thirty-eight, life has become about navigating the ‘to do’ list and ignoring the resentment and guilt that eats away at her. But worrying won’t pay the bills and working in Georgina’s café helps to keep the ghosts away. All she has to do is take one step at a time, then her husband’s cliché mantra will come true:  Things always work out in the end.  

Brooke has had her life planned out since she was ten. 

When tragedy strikes, Brooke flies from Sydney to Fergus Bay. But secrets about her grandmother she never could have imagined prompt Brooke to throw her predictable life out the window to discover more. Secrets that make her question her own decisions. Decisions that are now staring at her in Fergus Bay.

As the childhood friends navigate moving forward, they know they want more from life. Will they find it? Or will it find them?




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More to come…