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Now Camino Wandering is published, I’m on to the next book.  I’m so excited about this one…

You see, this next book is already written. Well, kind of. I drafted this novel in 2016 while we were still living in Sydney. 

I woke from a dream thinking, “that would make for a good scene in a book.” So I got up and wrote the dream down… and was still writing eighteen hours later. My husband brought me food and made sure I was stretching and drinking water. Eventually he brought me a glass of wine to try to lure me away. I was SO focused on getting the words out of my head. Grace’s story just poured out of me.

Here is the Blurb:

They’re on the run. She doesn’t know why.

Grace has been running since she was five. If only she knew why and who they were running from. At seventeen, she’s relieved when she and her father stop long enough in Sydney for her to finish high school.

If she can stay alive that long. Her father has never been father of the year.

Through her friendship with Lowell, Grace learns about trust. But a friendship with Lowell means taking risks. 

Life-altering risks. 

As her friendship with Lowell deepens so, too, do the nightmares. First there’s the red suitcase. Then a phone. And what’s with all the blood? 

The bigger question? 

Will Grace take the risk to find out what it all means? 

From the author of ‘Camino Wandering’ comes a gripping suspense which will have you on the edge of your seat, cheering on this young woman as she discovers her truth.


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More to come… 

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