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What I’m Working On

WOW! Three books are now finished. And here I was thinking I’d do well if I published just one. The vault is open now… so watch out!

CAMINO WANDERING, THE DECISIONS WE MAKE and BENEATH THE SURFACE are now available – and getting great reviews. I’m so humbled by the kind, encouraging words I’m receiving. It gives me hope about the world. And, it keeps me writing.

So, what’s next?

Two new books!

THE HOUSESITTER, my next suspense novel, will be released late 2023.

Mathilda Walsh is a renowned baker who has just survived a spectacular media frenzy after divorcing her celebrity husband in Los Angeles. She yearns to start afresh and pursue her cookbook publishing dream in her native Australia.

But relentless media attention forces Matty to seek refuge, and so she signs up for a housesitting gig on a beautiful farm in southern Tasmania. With lovable dogs, quirky chickens, and Weetbix-loving goats, it seems like the perfect escape. 

Just as she thinks she has found the perfect place to heal and create, Matty’s insecurities resurface when she discovers three brutally killed chickens and a menacing note. Apparently not everyone is pleased with her presence in the idyllic valley.

As the danger intensifies and her bohemian mother goes missing, Matty must trust her instincts to safeguard the property, herself…and find her mother.

Can Matty work out who’s hell-bent for revenge before it’s too late?


The third book in the LIFE UPENDED SERIES (CAMINO WANDERING, THE DECISIONS WE MAKE). FINDING THE WAY will be released in 2024. The characters are challenging me at the moment, so it’s slower going than I expected, but I’m excited to conclude the series with his amazing group of women. 


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