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The Decisions We Make


Sam Taylor is stuck. Her house is falling apart, the bills are piling up, and her daughter is hiding something from her. This is not the life she imagined, living on the idyllic east coast of Tasmania. 

Brooke Choi-Scott has her life planned out. Her own medical practice, a house in an affluent Sydney suburb, and best friends she can count on to tell her the truth, no matter what. So why does she feel empty?

When they share a terrible loss, Brooke and Sam must confront their past.

However, Sam is too busy stressing over her daughter’s future to deal with the resentment and guilt that eats away at her. And when Brooke discovers a box of secret letters, her obsession compels her to question her own choices.

Will the childhood friends finally admit to their mistakes, and learn that sometimes the universe may have other plans?

If you enjoy relatable characters with complex ties, links between the past and present, and the emotional ride of life upended, then you’ll love this compelling novel of women’s fiction.




From the author of ‘Camino Wandering’ comes the story of two friends, navigating their lives, questioning the decisions that brought them to now.


“Writing The Decisions We Make was a way of bringing my world to you. While Fergus Bay is fictional, the villages of Orford and Triabunna are not. These places are in my ‘backyard’. 

And yes, the Antarctic winds are brutal.”

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Twenty two years ago, Sam Miller had a weird dream. Her parents died. She couldn’t remember if that meant something, like something bad was about to happen. God, she hoped not. They didn’t need any more crap news. They were still reeling from her brother Paul’s death, three years before.

The day began like any normal day. Except it wasn’t. And it never would be again.

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