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Beneath the Surface

Read the heart-wrenching new novel by Amazon best selling author, Tara Marlow

“Heartbreaking…heartwarming…sad…joyful…overwhelming! I can’t say enough about this book. I would give it six stars if I could.”

– Goodreads Review


They’re on the run. Grace doesn’t know why but her father insists it’s the only way.

She’s clinging to her mantra: Finish high school. Turn eighteen. Freedom.’

She’s almost there but now she’s wondering if she can survive that long. Her father has never been father of the year.

Since landing in Sydney, her recurring nightmares are coming hard and fast. A red suitcase. Thorns. A phone number she can’t remember. And blood. Way too much blood.

What does it all mean?

Her friendship with Lowell may be her lifeline. But there is risk in trusting someone. Life-altering risks.

If Grace only knew who she really was, and what the nightmares were trying to tell her.


“This story came to me in a dream. I woke thinking I should write it down… and kept writing for eighteen hours. This was the first novel I wrote and it went through multiple renditions before I was ready to put Grace’s story out into the world. I hope it both thrills and soothes your heart.”

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An Amazon reviewer summed up this book extremely well: “Beneath the Surface doesn’t read like a novel FOR teens, rather it is a thriller that happens to be ABOUT a teen.”

The story is confronting and sometimes hard to read. So much so that there is a content warning inside this book.

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