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Camino Wandering

Aubrey is struggling to pick up the pieces of her shattered life when her son convinces her that walking 500 miles across Spain via the Camino Frances would be good for her.

When she befriends Pam and Georgina, she meets kindred spirits. Each carry their burdens close to their hearts, trying to find where they fit “in the real world.”

Overcoming blisters, aching joints, and the uncertainty of life, the trio walk together on a path of trust and forgiveness. But as they shed the miles, and inches from their waistlines, the connection they share bonds them like no other relationship they have ever experienced.

Will the Lovelies escape the demons that haunt them or will they carry the baggage of their pasts forever?

Will ‘The Way’ provide the answers they’re looking for? Or will it make them face questions they hadn’t thought to ask? And can they do that without losing what they each want most in the world?   



With comfortable pacing and amazing descriptive language that brought the scenery to life, Camino Wandering is the kind of book weekends, cozy couches and hot tea are made for. Imagine getting to travel and experience one of the most remarkable epic “walks” in the modern world… all while wearing your slippers and PJs. – K J McDaniel

Tara has written three engaging lead characters that I cared about … I laughed and I cried and I cheered the Lovelies on … as they courageously walked to find their truths.- G. Alley

I really loved this book, despite having little familiarity with the setting. By the time I’d finished, however, I’d fallen as much in love with the Spanish countryside as I had with the characters themselves!If you’re looking for a book with evocative scenery and strong, compelling characters, then give this a read.- Angela Garwood

This is a book every Camino traveller will want to have not just read, but as woman and a Camino walker, one we want to own and proudly have in our personal book collection, taking pride of place. – Agnes Allen

Captivated from start to finish … The bond between the three key characters captured the essence of people connecting on the Camino. – Meredith Atkinson

A cohesive novel… with characters I care about and a really stunning setting.- Seana Smith