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Author of Women’s Fiction, Mystery, and Suspense.

Crafting compelling narratives about women overcoming insurmountable challenges and discovering their true selves.


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Born in Sydney, Australia, Tara spent twenty of her early adult years living in the United States. When she ditched the corporate desk in 2011, she focused on photography and learning the business of blogging. When her nest emptied in 2017, she travelled full-time for three years, as as a travel writer  and photographer. Today, Tara lives in southern Tasmania with her husband, where she focuses on writing women’s fiction and suspense novels.

Find Tara’s novels about women finding their way back to themselves.


Tara writes about an array of topics: life as a 50+ woman and author, self-publishing, the Camino de Santiago, author interviews – and more.

Are you a pilgrim wanting to write your Camino story? An aspiring author, feeling overwhelmed about where to start the publishing journey? Or are you an indie author, needing guidance on how to market your book? I am here to help.